Cumin And Its Amazing Health Benefits

Cumin is a spice that is used in Eastern dishes to add rich flavor to the food, but it can be much more than that. Cumin can be used as a herbal remedy in your home. Here are some of its other benefits.

Those who live in the East have known about the effects of cumin for thousands of years. Now it is time for the rest of us to learn how it can help. This herb is a flowering plant from the parsley family and even its seeds are useful.

Cumin has been traditionally used to heal digestive ailments. If you suffer from gas, indigestion, diarrhea, and even morning sickness, cumin is your herb of choice. You can make tea by boiling the seeds. Combine the cumin water with coriander leaf juice and salt.

Don’t throw those seeds away, though. If you grind them into a paste and mix with water, they can be made into a salve that is used topically to treat boils. The seeds are also full of iron. Incorporating them into your diet can enhance the functions of the liver. As you probably know, the liver helps to detoxify the blood.

Do you have a cold? Cumin can help you manage the symptoms. Boil the seeds again and make a tea. Drink it several times a day to reduce the duration of your cold and also soothe a sore throat.

Keep some cumin around to create a preventative tonic for your body. The tonic can boost the metabolism and affect the liver and the kidneys to detoxify the body more efficiently. It also aids in proper digestion and absorption of nutrients.

For morning sickness, drink cumin throughout the pregnancy. You can add honey and milk for taste. Your baby will also benefit.

Are you having trouble sleeping? Cumin is useful there too. Fry up some cumin and mix it with a mashed banana. Eat it at night to help you sleep.

To get these benefits you can also eat cumin. You can buy the seeds or the powder made from ground seeds. There are two varieties: white and black. Both are good but the black cumin seeds are hotter and have more of a peppery flavor. The heat is what boosts metabolism.

All the above cumin remedies are made with black cumin seeds. Choose quality cumin seeds and powder for your food and your body. In studies, cumin has been shown to affect cancer risk in laboratory animals.

Cumin is a very helpful herb to have around. When using it as a home remedy, less is more. If your condition doesn’t clear up in a few days, seek medical attention from your doctor for further treatment.