Is It Better to Work for Yourself?

Good-bye, daily grind, long commutes, noisy fellow workers, and dictating bosses. It’s time to step out and start your own business. The time has come to put your talents, ideas, and education to work for you. Be brave, you can do it. In deciding to work for yourself you might want to reflect on what you are leaving behind.

The first thing that you might be missing is that steady and reliable paycheck. This sense of security however might be holding you back. Benefits, such as insurance, is another big draw in the work field. There are plenty of insurance companies that would love to have you as a client. Last but not least is a retirement package. Start your own. Sure you won’t have a company matching what you put in, but if you are successful you can exceed their amount.

Now that we have looked at what you are leaving behind, let’s look at the future. You can now be your own boss. You get to make all the decisions. Success and failure now depend upon you and how hard you are will to work. Also, most business owners can’t and don’t fire themselves!

A huge draw in starting your own business is flexibility. Will you work today or not?

Will you start at 7 am or noon? Don’t feel like working today, take the day off. No one will care! Seriously, to be successful you will have to work, probably harder at first than a 9 to 5 job, but you can enjoy a more flexible schedule.

Women who decide to start their own businesses, do it so they can be home with the children. They feel they are providing a more stable and secure environment for their little ones. They also have the flexibility of schedules for doctor appointments and childhood illnesses and accidents.

Happiness is a big reason for starting your own business. It’s true that you may never be extremely wealthy but a sense of accomplishment is wonderful. Keep your goals simple. Aim for lifestyle over riches. Contentment is preferable to riches. Doing what you like to do goes a long way towards personal happiness.

If you decide to work alone, you won’t have to worry about fellow employees. Most business owners do, at some point, need help and have to consider hiring others. Hire those with whom you could be friends. Create your own social environment. Just remember that you are the boss and they are your employees.

Speaking of socializing, if you are your only employee, don’t become a hermit. Join groups or clubs and interact with others. Being with others helps you to grow but can also provide contacts for your business. Now that you have considered the pros and cons of being a business owner, it’s time to go for it. If you don’t try, you will never know if you can do it. Enjoy yourself and remember success is just one step away.