Mallorca – For Your Next Sailing Vacation

A yacht charter in Mallorca and Menorca are packed with the most exciting ride of your life. The two places have thousands to offer to its visitors – from its beaches, ancient buildings, annual festivals and fiestas, caves, and architectural treasures. For instance, Mallorca (also known locally as “Majorca”), has a lot of beach resorts, stalagmite caves, and ancient monasteries. Moreover, the island is also famous for its bird watching activities, especially in Puerto Pollensa. Meanwhile, Menorca has some of Europe’s most protected and stunning coastlines. In fact, UNESCO proclaimed the island as a Biosphere Reserve in 1993. Furthermore, it also has beautiful gorges where different kinds of rare and exotic flowers bloom.

Sailing in Mallorca and Menorca and bird watching are an interesting combination. There are thousands of birds that either nests or migrate in Mallorca. These include the Marmora’s Warbler, Scoop Owls, Moustached Warbler, Audouin’s Gull, Eleonora’s Falcon, and the Black Vulture. These birds are considered to be rare and can only be found in the country. Roughly around 200 species of birds called the island their home. The best place to watch birds is in Puerto Pollensa. This is because its area is close to Albufuera marsh.

On the other hand, the island of Minorca has also a lot of wildlife. Evidences of this include its densely forested areas, flush vegetation, and affluent fauna. About 15 percent of the whole island is covered with trees and plants. In fact, there are more than hundreds of plant species that can be found in Minorca. These include the capers, chamomile, prickly pears, wild fig, canes, rushes, and myrtle. Of the many trees in the area, the most numbers belong to the wild olive tree. When it comes to animals, the island has a lot of wild birds such as the Egyptian vultures, booted eagles, hawks, and red kites. In this place, hundreds of migrant birds occupy the sky with its bright and attractive feathers. The best time to watch birds is during the spring season – from the month of April to May.

Mallorca has many sheltered coves and nice harbors which are well worth a visit, such as Andraitx, Pollensa, and Alcudia.

The coast of the ‘calas’ (‘coves’) is to be found on the south-east coast of Mallorca. This includes Porto Colom which is the best natural harbor and anchorage in Mallorca and possibly in the whole of the Balearic Islands.

You can also visit the nature reserve of Cabrera Island (you need special permission for this) then continue up the east coast of Mallorca and sail across to Menorca where you can visit the nice harbor of Mahon.

Ibiza and Formentera are only a days sailing away. Ibiza town offering culture and great nightlife, contrasting with its neighboring island of Formentera, with its relaxed attitude and beautiful beaches.

Meanwhile, the island of Menorca can offer its gently sloping hills and fertile forests. Yacht charter in Mallorca and Menorca can be best enjoyed as you along with your trip visit this island. The place, especially in the northern region, has been well known because of its thick and lush vegetation. On the other hand, the island’s southern section is filled with sandy beaches.