The Ultimate Guide to The Health-Related Concerns with Cigar Smoking

The fad of cigar smoking regains its popularity way back in the mid-1990s when famous celebrities pose willingly in front of the camera smoking a stick of cigar. Millions of people around the world are now addicted to cigar smoking, and the number is still increasing. The alarming issue of cigar smoking is that more and more younger men and women and even kids are also into this addiction.

The increase in the smoking population is directly proportional to the increase in the number of people suffering from cigar-smoking related diseases. Smoking cigars and health are somewhat of Siamese twins, wherever one goes, the other follows. Smoking cigars and health issues pose a major concern among health care professionals and health practitioners worldwide.

The main substance that is found in a cigar is tobacco, which according to the World Health Organization’s report that most deaths in the world are attributed to tobacco smoking which ranked second among other causes. Furthermore, according to the same report that in ten adults, one dies of tobacco smoking and that includes cigar smoking. It is feared that tobacco smoking claims each year 5 million death tolls in worldwide proportion.

Smoking cigars and health-related concerns include the possibility of acquiring coronary heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, and cardiovascular diseases, and almost all types of cancer. The burden of diseases brought about by cigar smoking is debilitating because it stripped off the healthy life years of a person. Many families are crippled by the loss of a breadwinner who passed away from smoking-related diseases. The economic burden is just as heavy because of the costly medical treatments of these smoking-related cigar-smoking diseases. Smoking cigars and health are like two weights in a seesaw. There is never a time that the two achieve a balance.

Some health organizations are making an effort to completely eradicate cigar-smoking addiction. This effort might be gargantuan a task that will surely take more years or even eternity, but the important key is to minimize the health-detrimental effects of cigar smoking so that more lives will be saved and more families will be spared from a loss of a loved one.

Some may call smoking cigar as a hobby while others named it a vice. It doesn’t really matter how would they call it because the bottom line is cigar smoking is as expensive as regaining one’s health from the life-threatening diseases caused by cigar smoking. The price of smoking cigar is great that cigar smokers may not be capable of paying.

Cigar smoking is a choice but a healthy life is a much better choice. The choice is yours to make.